The Four Star Golf Cruiser is a state of the art electric personal vehicle.  It has been designed and built with golf in mind.  Small, nimble, light & powerful, the Four Star Golf Cruiser allows golfers to cruise around the fairways and greens with ease and comfort.  Giving individual golfers the opportunity to remain mobile and increase their speed of play.

Powerful electric motor - 1000W, 36V, low noise brushless motor
Forward and reverse with 2 speed shifter
Climbing angle - 25
Recharging time - 6 - 8 hours
Driving time - 5 - 6 hours after a full charge (approximatley 36 holes) of golf
Foldable for car storage and transport - folded dimensions 1330mm long x
760mm wide x 560mm high and weight 106kg
Transmission - steel sproket with chain drive (new helical cut gearbox for
smooth and quiet operation)
Maximum speed - 15km/h
Maximum carrying capacity - 150kg
Brakes - rear hydraulic disc brake and locking handbrake
Batteries - 36V (3 x 12V, 20AH batteries), selaed lead acid
Wide range of spare parts and accessories
12 month, return to base warranty
Colours available - Red, Blue, White, Green, Silver, Black & Orange

Speeds up play by enabling faster hole play and less player time on the course
Single players on one Four Star Golf Cruiser, playing their own ball - reduces multi player zig-zag
Enables older (or less mobile) golfers to keep playing golf long after they would have to otherwise stop playing
Small size for less on course storage space and easy to transport via a Tilt Carrier, ramps into a vehicle or trailer
Extremely low maintenance, operation costs and recharging costs
Zero polution and quiet operation
Wide wheels/tyres to eliminate damage to greens and lawns
Front and rear suspension with deluxe seat for added comfort

Your Four Star Golf Cruiser comes standard with the following accessories.... Scorecard holder, umbrella holder, mud flaps, single golf bag holder and upgraded comfortable seat.  Other available accessories are... Trailer & towing hitch, storage cover, double golf bag holder, windshield, headlight and sand bucket & holder.

Spare Parts
Electric Vehicles Enzed hold a large inventory of spare parts, should your Four Star Golf Cruiser require any repairs
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