Electric Vehicles Enzed
Electric Vehicles Enzed Ltd 2014
Showroom at Mobility Manawatu, 222 Ruahine Street, Terrace End, Palmerston North                                    Phone FREE 0800 000 605 NZ wide
Four Star Golf Cruiser Man
Four Star Security Cruiser
Four Star Golf Cruiser Lady
Four Star Golf Cruiser Lineup
Four Star Cruiser Trailer
Four Star General Purpose Cruiser
Raptor in action
Raptor with car
Raptor at racetrack
M Scooter Man
M Scooter in action
Wombat Electric Construction Wheelbarrow
Wombat Electric Utility Wheelbarrow
Wombat Electric Cart Wheelbarrow
Goanna 350 Electric Quad Bike
Goanna 450 Electric Quad Bike
Goanna 1000 Electric Quad Bike
Tilt a rack with scooter
Tilt a rack folding up
Tilt a rack folded up
Tilt a rack folded up side view
Lit Motors C-1 with lady
Lit Motors C-1